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What is ICoTA?

The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association (ICoTA) was established in Scotland in 1994 as a means of supporting, communicating, and promoting rapid technological advances within the Well Intervention industry. As a technology association, ICoTA comprise members from Oil & Gas Operating, well servicing, manufacturing and technology companies. The European Chapter is a not-for-profit association that provides valuable resources and training opportunities for those working in well intervention. While ICoTA was originally founded in Europe, it has grown to become a global association with chapters throughout the world, encompassing all intervention techniques and jobsite scenarios.

The mission of ICoTA is to enhance communication, gather technical expertise, and promote safety, training, competency, and industry-accepted practices.

The business and activities of ICoTA are generally conducted at two levels; the global level and the regional or Chapter level. The collective skills and perspectives of ICoTA members provide a unique asset and resource for the application of industry initiatives and cooperation with other industry bodies. As it looks forward, ICoTA Europe has several agendas which include promoting the well intervention industry to students and encouraging more young engineers to participate and “become the future”. It also looks to extend interest and membership to more European countries, encompassing the large offshore well intervention workforce.