Welcome to the ICoTA Europe Chapter

ICoTA European Chapter Organisation

Members are encouraged to participate in the Chapter at committee level. Please contact any committee member or the Chapter administrators for details of how you can help drive the ICoTA European Chapter.


European Chapter Administration

ICoTA Europe comprises of the following office bearers. In addition to the office bearers, the activities of the Chapter are supported and administrated by Mearns & Gill.

Darren PaulShellChair
Mark OateyChrysaorCo Chair
Alan TurnerConsultantTreasurer
Michael TaggartBaker HughesCompany Secretary
Andrew PattersonConsultantExecutive Director for Europe
Suzanne RobertsonMearns & GillAdministrator

Committee Members

Ian RetalicAltus InterventionCommittee Member
Glynn LockyerArcherCommittee Member
Steve MoirBenchmark WirelineCommittee Member
George WaughBPCommittee Member
Colin BlackCarjon-NRGCommittee Member
Fraser ProudChrysaorYP Chair
Steve CromarConsultantCommittee Member
Alastair BuchananEquinorCommittee Member
Justin BellEV OffshoreCommittee Member
Richard HampsonHalliburtonCommittee Member
Neil GreigHelix Energy SolutionsCommittee Member
Dan O'BrienHuntingCommittee Member
Greg TaggartImpact SelectorCommittee Member
Ricky RebeccaIntervention RentalsCommittee Member
Andrew Loudenisol8Committee Member
Andrew DouglasNOVCommittee Member
Scott MitchellOmega Completion TechnologyCommittee Member
Neil KiddieRMECConsultant Member
Frank RattrayRockRose EnergyCommittee Member
Alexzander McBeathRubiconCommittee Member
Mark KellySchlumberger WirelineCommittee Member
Elliot KinchSubsea SentinelCommittee Member
Dave WoodfordTAQACommittee Member
Gillian KingTendekaCommittee Member
Eddie KarlsenTIOS GroupCommittee Member
Richard InnesTotal E&P UKCommittee Member
Chetna SapruTotal E&P UKYP Co-Chair
Omar YordiWeatherfordCommittee Member
Andrew JessimanWelltecCommittee Member
Murdo MacleodWellGearCommittee Member
Bronson LarkinsWellveneCommittee Member

Historical Office Bearers

ICoTA Europe are proud of our history and recognise here the voluntary service provided by the following individuals.

YearSnr ChairJnr ChairTreasurerSecretaryExec Director
2018/19Ian RetalicGeorge WaughAlan TurnerMichael TaggartAndrew Patterson
2017/18Steve MoirIan RetalicRichard HampsonJane RodgerAndrew Patterson
2016/17Elliot KinchSteve MoirRichard HampsonJane RodgerAndrew Patterson
2015/16Scott MitchellElliot KinchRichard HampsonJane RodgerAndrew Patterson
2014/15Kelly MurrayScott MitchellRichard HampsonJane Rodger-
2013/14Michael TaggartKelly MurrayRichard HampsonJane Rodger-
2012/13Callum MunroMichael TaggartRichard HampsonJane Rodger-
2011/12Rob GrassickCallum MunroMichael TaggartJane Rodger-
2010/11Daniel PetroneRob GrassickMichael TaggartJane Rodger-
2009/10Frank RattrayDaniel PetroneRob GrassickJohn Macrae-
2008/09Alan TurnerFrank RattrayRob GrassickJohn Macrae-
2007/08Ricky RebeccaAlan TurnerRob GrassickJohn Macrae-
2006/07Paul AngellRicky RebeccaAlan TurnerJohn Macrae-
2005/06Martin GeddesPaul AngellAlan TurnerJohn Macrae-
2004/05Ian SmithMartin GeddesAlan TurnerJohn Macrae-
2003/04Ian RetalicIan SmithAlan TurnerJohn Macrae-
2002/03Andrew PattersonIan RetalicAlan TurnerJohn Macrae-
2001/02Andrew Patterson-Miles PonsonbyJohn Macrae-
2000/01Tim EleyDavid LordMiles PonsonbyJohn Macrae-
1999/00Dave ShandTim EleyMiles PonsonbyJohn Macrae-
1998/99Dave Shand-Bruce RobertsonJohn Macrae-
1997/98Andy Campbell-Bruce Robertson--
1996/97Andy Campbell----
1995/96Bruce Adam----
1994/95Bruce Adam----