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The ICoTA European Innovation Award

The ICoTA European Innovation Award is judged and presented annually by the Europe Chapter of the Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association. The 2021 ICoTA Europe Innovation Award will open for entries in June 2021.

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Entry Process

Entries are judged by the Committee of ICoTA European Chapter.

Judging Criteria and Guidelines for Entries

  • Technology - either new technology or existing technology used in an innovative way.
  • Application - where is the innovation being applied and what does it do?
  • Value to the industry - why did you use this technology? For example, to reduce risk, increase recovery, improve safety or minimise environmental impact.

Conditions for Award

The technology should have been either:

  • developed in Europe and applied in Europe or elsewhere for the first time, or
  • developed elsewhere and applied for the first time in Europe

For the 2021 award, the technology must have been applied for the first time since 31st March 2020.
The award may be presented for a variation of a theme rather than an entirely new technology.

The award may recognise the general nurturing of new technology rather than a single project.

For more information, please contact icota@mearns-gill.com or call 01224 646311.

Recent Winners – ICoTA Award for Innovation & Technology

Previous Winners

2019Dwellop and ShellLynx Wireline Mast
2018Ocean Team ScandinaviaSCC02 Cleaning System
2017WellSenseFibreLine Intervention
2016Shell & Helix Wellops & Altus InterventionCoil Tubing from a light well Intervention vessel – a North Sea first
2015EPlugTorq Plug
2013InterwellExpandable Junk Catcher
2012OilencoSoak Sleeve & Syringe
2011SchlumbergerDigital Slickline perforating pipe recovery & plug setting
2010BP & BJ ServicesPushing the boundaries of Concentric Coil Tubing on Normally Unattended Installations
2009Baker HughesSnapScreen Live Well Deployment System for Sand Screens
2008StatoilHydroNurturing and application of Riserless Light Well Intervention Technology
2007Baker AtlasGasView service
2006Halliburton EasywellSwell Technology – Swellpacker Isolation System
2005ZertechZ-seal Metal sealing technology
2004Blafro ToolsCoiled Tubing Heave Compensator development
2003BakerMilling of Chrome Tubulars
2002StatoilCommitment to nurturing the development of new technologies
2001TalismanCommitment to offshore UBD-CTD in the North Sea