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Aramco Overseas Company & Zilift win the ICoTA Award for Innovation & Technology

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This year’s winners are Aramco Overseas Company and Zilift for the Well Initiation Service Tool. The Well Initiation Service Tool, WIST is a high efficiency, slim hole pumping system that is conveyed and powered through a wireline power cable to appropriate depth in order to lift high density kill fluid, thereby lightening the fluid column and allowing the well to flow naturally to surface.

In the photo, Darren Paul and Michael Taggart are seen congratulating Jamie Cochran of Zilift and Chris Wrighton of Aramco Overseas Company on winning the Award.

Jamie Cochran said “We are very proud to have won this award, and appreciate the recognition from ICoTA Europe for having developing this innovative tool. It has huge potential to significantly improve sustainability of well interventions and this award will be boost to our efforts roll out the technology.”

Michael Taggart said "It has been a pleasure to be involved in the selection and judging process for the ICoTA Award for Innovation and Technology. This year, the entries all were of a very high standard. Thank you and well done to all the organizations which made a nomination, and congratulations to the winner, Aramco Overseas Company & Zilift."

Previous winners of the award include Shell for the Local Expander Tool; Dwellop and Shell for the ‘Lynx wireline mast’ - an integrated tower and mast system; Ocean Team Scandinavia A/S for its ground-breaking SCC02 technology; and Well-SENSE for its FiberLine Intervention technology.

Entries for the 2022 ICoTA Award for Innovation & Technology will open in June 2022.