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Successful Innovation is More Than Just a Good Idea

We talked to Dan O’Brien of Hunting, who spoke about the company’s overall philosophy when it comes to technology development and how they continue to innovate.

Dan O Brien

Hunting recognises that innovation is something that rarely happens in isolation, and successful innovation means a lot more than just a good idea. We are also aware that innovation covers more than just technology and includes adapting the way we do business as much as the products and services we offer.

Via our sales and rentals arms, we have very good relationships with our customers and work with them to deliver solutions that work for everyone involved on every level, and engage our own suppliers at an early stage, capturing their valuable input and expertise. This collaborative approach gives us the best chance of success, and ensures we have a grounded and realistic understanding of the challenges and constraints involved in delivering a particular product to the market.

As a global company, Hunting is able to support our customers where they need us, and that works both ways when it comes to innovation; it gives us a lot of opportunities to get new ideas into the market – especially at field trial level, and allows intra-company technology transfers quickly from one Hunting product group to another. With inhouse engineering and manufacturing capabilities, making changes to suit specific regional requirements is a very efficient process.

Recently, in recognition of the time it takes to grow a product from an idea to a successful product, Hunting started the Tek Hub initiative. Tek Hub looks to partner the technical expertise and innovations of independent companies or individuals with the market reach and manufacturing expertise of Hunting. By collaborating and making use of each other’s strengths, we plan to accelerate the diffusion of technologies into the market, ideally in much less time than traditional methods.

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation at Hunting, and everyone works hard to keep that on track.

Hunting is an ‘ICoTA Europe Champion’ and we are very grateful for their support.

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