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ICoTA Europe Committee Member Spotlight: Elliot Kinch, Business Development Director

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The ICoTA Europe Committee plays a vital role in driving the association toward meeting its aim of improving communication and promoting the value of well intervention solutions.

Elliot Kinch has been sitting on the ICoTA Europe Committee since 2011. As Business Development Director of Sentinel Subsea, Elliot has worked in many disciplines in the well’s arena, from global offshore deployments to projects - managing operations on platforms, subsea and land. He has also had his hand in the product development of new technologies and co-founding two start-up companies.

Most of his interests involve engaging with clients and tackling well intervention challenges whilst providing bespoke well integrity solutions.

Why did you get involved with ICoTA Europe?

“I have been involved as a member of ICoTA Europe for over 10 years now, and the challenges which initially drew me to the chapter are as relevant as ever. For example, the need for companies to embrace collaboration and change as new technologies become more field proven will hopefully simplify previously challenging operations. I have always enjoyed networking and socialising with likeminded industry colleagues and ICoTA has all of the ingredients to allow this to happen.“

What has been your biggest highlight as a committee member?

“My biggest highlight aside from my chairmanship of the chapter during 2016/17, is the ICoTA Well Intervention conference student walk around. I have a passion for mentoring and educating the next generation in the energy industry, specifically in STEM subjects and of course, well intervention.“

And what do you most look forward to in the ICoTA Calendar?

“I look forward to the annual well intervention conference, especially when there is something new and shiny on an exhibitor’s stand. I also enjoy the ‘tech bite’ sessions which allow the audience to challenge the technical inspiration of the presenter. It is great to see that ongoing technological advances allow time-effective, simpler and safety conscience offerings to the industry.“

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the well intervention industry at the moment?

“The current challenges are mainly down to the global economic, environmental and sociological issues rather than within the industry itself. There was a need to change the ways companies operated while they were remotely working, yet still provide client value and technical assistance – which accordingly requires adaption and new ways of working. I believe the opportunities available to the industry are collaboration, working more efficiently, simplifying operations and learning from past operations and success stories. The industry needs to embrace this new era as it is the only way to remain sustainable.“

Finally, if you could accomplish one thing as part of the ICoTA Europe Committee this year, what would it be?

“I currently volunteer at many of the sub-committees of SPE and ICoTA Europe, and with the travel restrictions this year we are required to act smartly in how we promote industry messages and our conferences to the community. This will mostly be through remotely streaming presentations and tech bytes and allowing the audience to interact with the presenters. If I could accomplish one thing this year, it would be using my passion to promote the well intervention industry to the schools, colleges, and faculties through our messages and inspiring the next generation to inheriting our energy industry.“