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ICoTA Innovation Award Open for Entries

The ICoTA Innovation Award recognises a company who has pushed the boundaries of well intervention and coiled tubing technology.

I Co TA Innovation Award Winner 1000x600

Espen Kähler Amundsen, Managing Director of Ocean Team Fluidcare UK Ltd, collected the Prize last year for ground-breaking SCC02 technology:

"It was a huge surprise to win the ICoTA Innovation Award. We did not expect it with the technologies that we were competing with. But it felt very good to have our hard work recognized. One of our customers suggested entering and sent us the link to the ICoTA Europe website. We then looked into the organisation and could see the benefits immediately, and recognition we could get out of it. So a big thanks to our customers, they know who they are.

We have had several projects in the UK after winning the award, that opened up huge possibilities for us. We have also, in the middle of optimizing the technology, introduced a FACT-Toolkit™ (Field Analysis & Chemical Treatment Toolkit) to take with us on these projects. So when we get unknown contamination up from the blocked lines, we can find the correct solvents to use (offshore) with the CO2, to penetrate the blockage and save time with analysis onshore. Then we do not need to go onshore, and save more time and money. We do also have new modified equipment, that will speed up the process, and make sure we can undertake a wider range of projects with higher and lower temperature on the CO2, in addition to higher pressure, all in ATEX. These will be finished this summer."