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ICoTA Week Keynote: Alan Dick

ICoTA Week is just around the corner and with around 200 delegates per day already signed up, we can’t wait for it all to begin!

Alan dick

Joining us for ICoTA Week, we have some brilliant keynote speakers, including Alan Dick, Principal at Energy Investment Solutions. Alan has been working for over 20 years delivering shareholder return:

“This is where the progression of premium solution sales has extended seamlessly into directing deal flow where investors acquire and build businesses off the back of great teams, technologies and a clear go-to-market strategy. Furthermore, when shareholders exit, this is the ultimate value creation event and delivering those outcomes is rewarding for all. My work now is to support companies throughout their journey from start-up, through growth phases, right to the exit.”

During ICoTA Week, Alan will present ‘Change in the Energy Sector: Drivers and Realignment, with Implications for the North Sea’. The presentation aims to capture the unique market situation, where not only are we in the midst of another downturn, but there are prevailing conditions where investor appetite in all things oil and gas has largely been lost:

“The whole industry is being forced to focus on how we attain a lower carbon existence whilst still recognising the world will demand and rely on O&G for decades to come, though clearly with a declining dependency. Innovation will continue to define how successfully the intervention industry meets this challenge, how quickly we find and back successful solutions, whilst shutting down those that are not making the level of impact we need to see.

“Operational sustainability is undoubtedly the biggest business challenge - with the pressure it’s putting on revenues and cash flow. Unfortunately not all companies will survive the combination of downturn in the sector, alongside extra pressures due to the pandemic.”

And with so many companies working toward net-zero by 2035, Alan will be addressing this as a key part of his presentation:

“Some companies are already in a better place where they have some market capabilities (e.g. in geothermal, natural gas or hydrogen projects), so they are already off to a great start. Other companies will clearly have a bigger struggle where they may have been very niche-focused with a capability that offers fewer transferrable solutions and services. If businesses choose to ignore net-zero targets, they are likely to find buyers and investors view this negatively, so change needs to be on everyone’s agenda.”

If you’d like to hear more from Alan, book your free place at ICoTA Week now.