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Inspiring the Next Generation

The SPE ICoTA European Well Intervention Conference hosts a wide variety of delegates from Operators, service companies and academia.

I Co TA Europe Teacher Show Around 1000x600

On average, 10 teachers attend this tour each year and so at least 220 STEM/Guidance Teachers have attended. If each Teacher told their class just once about their positive experience of the intervention sector, that’s 6,600 potential pupils!

The feedback we've had from these tours has been fantastic, and encourages us to keep offering this as a staple of the conference:

"I found this very worthwhile. I think the event would benefit anyone who works within education. The introductory talk at beginning was vital in order to see what challenges broadly exist within the sector. This provides teaching staff with existing/current and forthcoming challenges that can be relayed to pupils with a degree of confidence. Being guided around the show in the hall had clearly been structured very well. I think this was essential for visitors with limited sector experience and being shown around in a progressive manner was important."

"The ICoTA conference was very interesting and gave me information of links for the school. As a result I have discussed the day with a member of the management team about possible areas of contact."

"I found it extremely informative and I am looking forward to being able to share some of my experience with colleagues. I can see huge benefits for teachers in attending such an event and I will be advocating on your behalf for next year. It was great to make links with yourselves and other representatives in the sector and I look forward to building on those links."

Find out more about the conference through our dedicated conference page.