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KCI Launches New Company

Established in 2002 to respond to the unique and challenging specialist requirements of brownfield and greenfield developments, the original focus of Kinetics Controls & Innovation (KCI) was on chemical, hydraulic and mechanical solutions.

Kevin Watt at the Kinetics Controls Innovation I Co TA Conference Exhibition Stand

As time went by, it was chemical solutions that took the lead in the form of providing fully engineered leak sealing solutions to the global oil and gas industry with a specialist interest in ageing facilities.

Today, the company is bolstering its research and development by launching a new company, KCI Engineering Limited. Kevin Watt is the company's Managing Director and spoke to us about the exciting news and plans for the future.

"The creation of this new company was essential to enable a creative space for the development of new products that will help the Oil & Gas industry. By creating a separate company, it provides breathing space from the busy day to day operations of Kinetics Controls & Innovation.

"We went with the name KCI Engineering Limited to try to keep things open and flexible in terms of the engineered solutions we are looking to provide. Although our main focus is on chemical engineering new product research and development, we will keep an open mind in terms of the problems we will look to solve when trying to make our customers working lives easier."

And the team at KCI Engineering is in a strong position when it comes to innovative research and development.

"We've got Graham Steele as Engineering Director, Roy Mackenzie who is the CEO of Kinetics Controls & Innovation and Martin Ridge who is Managing Director of SANCCUS, and myself, of course. This combination of considerable skills and experience have demonstrated innovative thinking and client-focused approaches in their many years within the Oil & Gas industry. We believe that this combination of complementary skills will be core to developing exciting new products and technological solutions."

Though in its infancy, Kevin has already seen many benefits arising from starting the company.

"The main benefit so far is the focus. Focus on the problems that require solutions and focus on how to develop them to the point that they become helpful to the customer. And for the future? We say 'no limits!' We hope to create a pipeline of technology that will provide solutions to customers for decades to come. Also, we are looking for engagement from the Oil & Gas Industry so they can tell us the challenges they are facing that do not currently have solutions."

If you'd like to start a conversation with KCI Engineering Ltd about how they can help your business, visit kciltd.co.uk. We look forward to welcoming them as an exhibitor at the SPE ICoTA 26th European Well Intervention Conference in November. Visit our conference page to find out more.