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ICoTA Europe Committee Member Spotlight: Greg Taggart, Impact Selector

The ICoTA Europe Committee plays a vital role in driving the association toward meeting its aim of improving communication and promoting the value of well intervention solutions.

Greg Taggart has been sitting on the ICoTA Europe Committee for three years. In his day-to-day role as Region Manager for Impact Selector, Greg drives sales and promotes the company’s products in the EARC (Europe, Africa, Russia, Caspian) region.

Greg Taggart I Co TA Europe Committee Member

Along with their established conveyance and risk mitigation portfolio of tools, Impact Selector also has a strong focus on research & development and new technology, so a big part of Greg’s job is to engage with the customer, learn about the challenges they are facing and help them come up with cost-effective solutions.

This problem-solving mentality and passion for well intervention technology make Greg a fantastic ICoTA Europe Committee member. We spoke to Greg about his involvement in the association and his hopes for the future of ICoTA.

Why did you get involved with ICoTA Europe?

“I’ve been on the ICoTA committee for three years now. But I’ve been attending ICoTA events, such as lunch and learns and the annual dinner, for over 15 years now. I wanted to get involved with ICoTA because I believe knowledge sharing and finding ways of collaborating within the intervention community is not only important for reducing costs and maximising efficiency, but it’s also vital for the future of the industry.”

What has been your biggest highlight as a committee member?

“The highlight for me is being part of the conference sub-committee and helping to deliver a successful conference in 2019, which has laid the foundations for bigger and better events in the future.”

And what do you most look forward to in the ICoTA Calendar?

“Pre-COVID, I enjoyed getting together for the committee meetings and also the lunch and learns. The dinner was the main highlight of the year for me as it was always very well organised, lots of fun and a great way to not only meet new people but also to network with some familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a while.”

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the well intervention industry at the moment?

“Everyone is facing the same challenges at the moment due to the effects of the COVID pandemic. I think as a community, we must pull together to get through this. The ICoTA Europe Chapter’s aim and mission are to lend support, communicate and facilitate collaboration within the well intervention industry, and that is needed now more than ever.

“I think ICoTA is a great platform for knowledge sharing as the industry and working practices are evolving all the time, so there is always new technology coming to the market and existing technology being used innovatively. It’s also a great way of increasing your network by getting involved with the events that ICoTA organises throughout the year.”

Finally, if you could accomplish one thing as part of the ICoTA Europe Committee this year, what would it be?

“To pass on some of my knowledge and experience to some of the younger generation. And to provide my support to the ICoTA European Chapter moving forward.”

Find out more about our ICoTA Europe Committee through our Chapter Organisation page.