Welcome to the ICoTA Europe Chapter

Grant Veitch - Well Intervention YP

ICoTA Europe aims to support, communicate with and promote the well intervention industry. This mission extends to our young engineer members, especially with the new ICoTA Europe Young Professionals section launching last month.

So who are the ICoTA Europe Young Professionals?

Each month, we'll be sharing a YP story, detailing how these industry up-and-comers are beginning to make their mark in the industry.

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First up, we have Grant Veitch who is responsible for organising a range of valuable and engaging events for the YP section. Grant is a Technical Support Engineer in Interwell's UK site and provides technical support to internal departments.

"My primary role is taking control of all technical investigations. In the technical support team, we also run with fast track design projects for client-specific products and testing. The part of the job I like best is the problem-solving aspect of investigations and testing.

"Trying to find root causes of problems and coming up with a new, improved way to prevent reoccurrences. I love to learn about the latest tools coming through our product lines and getting a full understanding of how they are functioning."

Following Grant's higher education, he began to take his first career steps.

"After finishing secondary school at Robert Gordons College, I went to the University of Aberdeen to study Mechanical Engineering. I graduated in 2015 with a 2:1 bachelor honors degree. After taking a year out to achieve some personal goals I then used my degree to get myself a job in Score Energy's HQ in Peterhead, working as the engineering focal point for all the gas turbines accessories.

"After two years working at Score Energy, I was offered a position at Interwell's Aberdeen office as a Technical Support Engineer in November 2018. I have been a part of the Interwell family since then."

Following his first few years working in the industry, Grant has already learned a lot from his time in well intervention.

"The biggest advice I could give to anyone looking to get into oil and gas or any engineering for that matter would be to look for summer placements in the sort of role and industry you think you would enjoy. I did two years of placements during university summers, but I did do multiple other week-long placements.

"My University summer placement was in PowerJacks, where I very quickly learned a lot about the industry as well as a lot about myself. I found out straight away that I enjoyed a role where I was able to do engineering work behind a desk but also get into the workshop and get my hands messy.

"Getting my first summer placement early on in my university career allowed me to understand more about myself and what department I would like to join.

"The following year, I was lucky enough to be invited back in a role that was suited to the aspects I enjoyed. I feel that you must enjoy your work or else every day, week and year is going to feel very long."

We're delighted to welcome Grant to play his part in the ICoTA European Chapter, and it's good to hear that he has already enjoyed the benefits of being involved with the association.

"From my first ICoTA event, I made a lot more contacts in this industry as well as finding out a lot more about other technologies and case studies. I am still relatively new to the association, but I am looking forward to upcoming events."

If you are interested in joining the ICoTA Europe YP Committee, contact the Committee Chair. Don’t forget, ICoTA Europe offers Young Engineers (aged 30 and under) free membership. Contact us to find out more.