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Find out more about what makes Hunting unique

Hunting has been supporting ICoTA Europe for several years, in many different ways. With the launch of "ICoTA Champions", we were so glad that they wanted to be involved and this has led to them supporting the association in this role.

Test Bay Observation Cell

The Oil and Gas focused manufacturing company offers a breadth of well intervention products which they design, manufacture, and supply on a sales or rental basis, including Downhole tools (E-Line, Slickline, Thru-Tubing), Pressure Control Equipment and Control Panels as well as various OEM equipment.

We spoke to four Hunting employees who work across all these different areas to find out more about their process and what makes Hunting unique.

Colin Ritchie (Technical Manager) specialises in E-Line and Slickline technology, and we asked him what is at the front of his mind when he begins developing product lines that utilise these methods,

"We want to extend the limitations that current tools can achieve through understanding the operational requirements of the customer. We must do all this while bearing in mind that it must be a cost-effective improvement or solution. Though I mainly refer to Slickline using my experience, some of our developments have meant we can draw experience from other Hunting divisions allowing us to develop e-line products.

"Hunting offers a broad portfolio of products for E-Line and Slick line. Communication from the Technical and Sales teams into a collaborative effort with the Engineering groups, provides new product concepts and existing product improvements, all to improve the experience of our customers."

Graeme Raffan (Senior Technical Sales Engineer) heads up PCE and Control Panels and told us about the challenging conditions faced by their equipment,

"A North Sea Customer requested Hunting to provide Pressure Control Equipment for a new field which had well conditions and temperatures above the standard considerations the industry designs to. This project involved testing and validation of the equipment before release, ensuring it met the required performance parameters. Since delivery, the equipment has performed as designed and due to the success of this first set, a second North Sea client ordered the same equipment to ensure successful operations on their wells."

One particular piece of kit that stands out is the Ezi Shear Valve that 'revolutionises well intervention operations',

"With the desire for streamlined operations and more cost-effective solutions to Well Intervention work, it was identified that shutting in adjacent wells and removing hatches to install a second pressure barrier was one area that could be improved.

"The Ezi-Shear Valve has been developed to solve this by being right-sized to fit through smaller hatches which removes the need to close in adjacent wells.

"The cutting power of the valve allows it to be left on the tree to carry out multiple operations without having to install additional equipment. Using the Ezi Shear Valve HD version as an example, covers Wireline and Coiled Tubing operations and removes the requirement to install specific shear/seal BOPs for Coiled Tubing."

Onto Coiled Tubing and that involves (Thru-Tubing Product Manager), Chris Myles, who takes a proactive approach to ever-increasing market demand,

"Hunting, as a manufacturing and design company, works closely with our clients to identify their requirements for both new technology and updating current designs to meet the changing nature of the market. We also work in collaboration with other new technology developers to identify innovations in the market and partner with them, offering assistance in development and manufacturing through commercialisation.

"Development of Thru Tubing tools requires a thorough understanding of both the advantages and limitations inherent in a Coil Tubing deployment system. Hunting's years of experience in Thru Tubing development combine with a philosophy of focussing on simplicity and reliability as the key elements in every design. Our development work is backed up by intensive testing and field trials to ensure our products will function as best in class in a downhole environment."

And Hunting doesn't just sell the products they create. They also offer rental and discussed by (Rentals and Service Manager), Gary Wright,

"Rentals is a more reactive service than Sales as the need for rental equipment is very much determined by our clients inventory. If the client does not have the required equipment, then Hunting rental equipment can be requested to mobilise at short notice. Particularly with the latter point in mind, each member of the Hunting Rentals Teams have a strong customer-centric focus and strive to respond to clients requests immediately, no matter the time of day and to mobilise equipment meeting the client's operational dates.

"With the current uncertainty within the industry and consequent CAPEX constraints being in place, we see that there will be more need for rental provisions until a time that confidence returns to the sector and CAPEX becomes available. Hunting has already been pro-active in ensuring that we can provide a wide range of rental provisions, whether it be full PCE packages or a standalone item, to assist our clients. As has always been the case and particularly during these uncertain times, Hunting can provide flexible and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

"There is a global approach with Hunting Rentals, and our regional Rental Teams work closely with their clients to see where we are best placed to hold certain equipment. We also ensure that the equipment is prepared and ready to mobilise at short notice. By taking a global approach, Hunting can offer proactive solutions irrespective of where their operations are happening."

And Hunting always focuses on the customer, as evidenced by the hard work of the in-house servicing workshop.

"Over the years, Hunting has continued to invest in the latest technologies in our facilities. This investment has included state of the art testing facilities, a water blasting unit that is more efficient than previous methods and purpose-built paint bays, amongst other things.

"One of the most important things that we continually invest in is the training of our technicians. Hunting is in a strong position where we develop and manufacture our equipment. With that, we have strong Engineering and Technical departments who work in conjunction with the workshop technicians to develop their skills, knowledge and competency on the equipment as well as develop best practices to service equipment. It is very much a two way street between departments which at the end of the day allows us to return any efficiencies to the client.

"With all the above in place and also by utilising our in-house QA inspectors and with a 3rd Party Certifying Authority being on hand, Hunting can offer a complete maintenance and certification service to our clients.

"We continue to evolve and listen to the client's needs and as a result created a new 'FLYING SQUAD' service in 2015. This service allows Hunting to provide a complete on-location recertification offering to clients that is cost saving due to minimal logistical costs and their equipment being out of service during transit periods. Our clients have received this service very well due to not only the cost reductions to them but also with the best practice methods shown to their technicians by the “Flying Squad” personnel."

Visit the Hunting Website to find out more, and if you are interested in becoming an ICoTA Champion, visit our ICoTA Europe Champions page for the full list of benefits.