Welcome to the ICoTA Europe Chapter

ICoTA Europe Webinars

On the 23rd of March 2020, the well intervention industry (just like every other industry) was thrown into a situation no-one expected.

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With lockdown in effect, people all over the UK were confined to their homes. But though life started to look very different, the world kept going and business still had to take place. Just under very different circumstances.

We have an entire network of well intervention industry professionals who rely on us to provide training and networking opportunities. These opportunities allow people to share ideas, work through challenges and move the industry forward. Our event attendees were keen to learn and contributed so much to our lively discussions.

As an association, we were faced with a challenge. This was more than just carrying on with our mission. Our aim is, and always has been, to support, communicate with and promote the well intervention industry. With the new physical constraints in place, we had to work even harder to ensure our network remained supported.

So we brought the training to them.

In April, we began hosting free webinars for our ICoTA members. We provided the same quality with a fantastic presentation from TGT Oilfield Services, but in an entirely new way for us. Though our members may have still missed getting together in a room to discuss the latest advances in well intervention technology, it was great to see such a large turnout, and that Q&A was just as lively online as it would have been live.

“ICoTA Europe Chapter is very active and covers a range of relevant topics and techniques used in the industry, with a focus on new and innovative technologies. Thank you for all the efforts!” – Webinar Attendee

As more businesses navigate the world of digital and use new methods to communicate, we’re proud to be able to continue to provide support for our members, even under these new and challenging circumstances. Though we do look forward to the day when we can all meet face to face again, it’s good to know that we can all still share knowledge and experience – just in a new way.

From everyone at ICoTA Europe, we thank you for observing government guidance and doing everything you can to get us all through this time.